4 efficient ways to help you with writing ideas

Have you ever felt running out of ideas when writing an article or stuck in the middle of writing process? As a blogger who constantly writes 4-5 articles every week to update my two blogs, home learning experience and create value share, I was struggling a lot when trying to come up with new writing ideas. After actively writing for a several months, my writing skill seems to be improved and my writing is getting more and more fluent. Today I think it will be nice if I summarize the methods I use to manage writing and hopefully you can learn from it and if you have any good ideas to share, always remember, your comments are most welcome.  

Get ideas while reading other articles

When I feel like my brain is empty and can’t think straight anymore, I will find some ways to relax. As I am so passionate at learning, I usually find stuffs from the Internet to read in order to educate myself a little better while getting bored with what I am working on. Lately, I have found several great blogs and one forum that I read on regular base. From the contents of these great sites, I am adsorbing a lot of amazing information and I often find random thoughts popping into my brain related to what I have been working on. If I sit down and start typing my thoughts out into words, I will always find myself iron out a good article with with no less than 1000 words, which is great!

For your reference, the sites I have been following closely and enjoy reading about internet business are:

–  www.smartpassiveincome.com (By Pat Flynn)

–  www.dukeo.com (By Ste Kerwer)

–  www.2createawebsite.com (By Lisa Irby)

–  www.internetbusinessmastery.com (By Sterling and Jay)

–  www.warriorforum.com

Mind map your ideas

If I begin my writing without any plan, at least 50% of the time “I will hit a rock” before I come out with my 400th word. Even though sometimes I complete the article, I often found myself spent extra time to edit and reorganize different sections of my articles and the feeling is awful.

However luckily, I found a solution a few months ago. I learned an idea while listening to the podcast from Internet Business Mastery about using mind map. Mind map is a type of tool I can use to outline my thoughts before I put them into actions. I applied what I learned about Mind map into my writing and found the improvement is quite dramatic. Particularly I used this tool to organize the chapters of my first eBook, it works like a charm! Not only the whole writing process is like a piece of cake (BTW, I am writing ove 18,000 words in total for this eBook), I enjoy reading my eBook very much after all.

Just in case if you are interested to try some free mind map tools out in the future. I am currently working with “SimpleMind+” app on my Apple iPad. It’s easy to use and everything are flowing along with your fingers.   

Set up a schedule

To schedule a time for the writing is very important. Don’t wait until last minutes to write the article with a submission deadline, because 99% of time you will be too rushed to write quality contents – I believe for college students who always stay up till late night to wrap up projects, you will understand this a little bit more.  

Take a break

From my personal experience, I found if I leave a little break between writing and editing, the article will end up with a better quality.

This is very much like to deal with problem solving. If writing ideas are setting drier and drier, it’s time to take a break instead of keep staying focused. When your brain needs a break, go for it. You will find it’s much easier to continue writing after a short break.

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2 thoughts on “4 efficient ways to help you with writing ideas

  1. Good points here. I’ve also found that ideas are actually easier to come by when I’m writing daily vs on writing a few times per week. I also recommend trying lots of new things and getting out of old routines for inspiration.

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