I call them challenges, because I found it was hard to take actions. This section is used to keep records for all the challenges I am taking since I started this blog. I want to keep  records of my journey and efforts I put into my life. Time in my life is limited, but I believe my sharing is unlimited because for good information, I know you as a reader will share to people you know as well.

I am not a person with a very strong willpower and gave up so many times in my life, but I hope by documenting what I have been working on, I can help myself and at the same time to inspire you to achieve more milestones in life.

If you have any comment to leave here, please go ahead without any hesitation.

Please click on the links in the table to each individual section.

CategorySubjectLast Update
Self-ImprovementHabit Challenge31-Jul-13
Blogging31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge18-May-13
Health/BusinessWeight Loss/Authority Site Building Challenge07-May-13
BusinessNiche Site Building ChallengeNA


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