Coming back and Future Plans

It has been almost a year since my last update on this blog. I believe that my readers and Google have thought that I would never come back any more. I totally understand that because at lots of moments of time, even myself thought I would not continue updating this blog.

So where have I been? Well, I never stopped learning and reading other great blogs, but with one of my closest family member got really sick and passed away, I had to travel internationally (we are talking about 32 hours flight each round trip) for 3 times last year. Then I got really sick with an unknown headache continuously for 9 days in December 2013.

There were not always bad things happening in life of course. In November last year, my second adorable son was born. My wife and I were extremely excited and at the same time, we were super busy for a while, so it left me with almost no time to work on this blog.

Coming Back

i-am-backHowever my spirit of entrepreneur has not disappeared and I kept testing what I have learned from the experts and build around a dozen of niche website with some of them actually killed by Google because of the certain link building ways that I was using did not work out so well.

I had my first $100/month Amazon site in September 2013, but it only lasted for a little over 1 month. I learned my lesson in a hard way. Since then I have been trying lots of new ways, but unfortunately I have not had any major success yet.

In order to keep myself accountable again, I decide to come back and continue writing great contents on my blog, but with a completely different approach. Now let’s talk about the future plans.


Future Plans

futureIf you are a reader of my blog before, you probably know that I had quite a few projects going on at the same time before. That is why it’s so difficult to keep myself focused and I barely have those projects done.

Therefore in the future, I will only write two types of posts on this blog:

  1. Monthly Income Report – 1 post per month. You wonder why, please find out from here (link).
  2. How to posts – 1 or 2 comprehensive posts to share with you the tools that I found are useful. You can find why I am writing these articles here (link).

I will do my best to keep things organized in order to show you what I have learned and how I was able to make money online.

If there is any certain topic you would like me to cover, please do not feel hesitant to contact me or leave me a comment below.

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