Do you want to be a lifelong learner?

I would like to start this blog post with a question, “do you want to be a lifelong learner?” I think there are people going to answer “no”, but my answer is the opposite. I do not always consider lifelong learning necessary until I learned a big lesson in my life and waste 8 years of my time. Let me tell you my story.

My Story

At the end of year 2003, I completed my bachelor degree from University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada. At the moment I was holding my graduation certificate in hands, I thought my learning had ended after studying for 16 years in school. With this thought in mind, I refuse to be a learner from year 2004 to 2010. Later I found for those 8 years, I missed the best opportunity to build up my personal brand via the Internet, especially missing the first train to utilize web 2.0 platforms.

I am very sure I heard Facebook, and Twitter when they first appear onto the market. With a fairly strong computer science background, I believe I should have the ability to pick up these tools very quickly and use them to bring my business to another level, but I did not feel like learning anything because I thought my learning process in my life had ended by year 2003.

In year 2011, when I started to pop up more business ideas into my head and eventually planned to quit my job and create my own brand, I plug my learning ability back into my nerve, but I realized I have missed the greatest time to start an Internet business. As I am not a type of person who only regret for the past, I decided to take it on and start my lifelong learning again.   

I can’t estimate how much I have been missing within 8 years, but what I can tell is most of the Internet entrepreneurs started their online empire around 2007. Now I am at 5 years behind them.

Why do you want to be a lifelong learner?

Reason #1:  We are living in a world with fast growing information technology. If you stay away from the media for more than a week, by the time you come back, you will feel overwhelmed and sometimes cannot even recognize many things around you, because updates happen too fast and it’s very hard for us to keep up with even we open our eyes and ears widely all the time.

Reason #2: If you stop learning, it basically means that you chose to be abandoned by this world. I am not sure how much you can resonate to the deepest financial crisis from year 2009. Millions of people lost their homes and their family. Most of the disasters started with being laid off from the company they had been working for more than 15-20 years. Why did that happen? People were hiding in their comfort zone and stopped learning.

If you heard me talking about Pat Flynn, the owner of Smart Passive Income blog, who is the greatest exampled I can think of as a lifelong learner. As Pat mentioned many times on his blog, the financial crisis from year 2009 is the biggest opportunity created to change his life ever – he was fired from his favorite architecture job in 2008. However right now, he is making over $50K monthly because he is a very active learner who chose not to give up and stop learning in his life. He created hopes and also proved that there is no skill can be set for life. Continuous learning is the king!

What stops you from being an active learner?

In order to learn new things, sometimes you need to step out from your comfort zone. Of course the process was not always easy, because human beings are lazy naturally. To be more precise here, there are too many excuses in people’s lives. However being a lifelong learner does not matter age, gender, race, knowledge level, my parents who learned how to trade stocks in their late 50s in order to actively manage their financial affairs are great examples for me.

There is a book I came across and I would like to write a review on, but it definitely deserves a separate blog post on that topic. The book is written by Dr. Wayne Dyer with name “Excuses To Be gone”. I will highly recommend you to read it as it clears most of my excuses out my way and lead me to future success.

Where do you learn from?

There are numerous ways that you can use to learn, but I do not suggest the old fashion ways such as reading newspaper or borrowing books from a library. Today’s world is the world of the Internet, so you should utilize the Internet as an effective tool to search for information related to the topics you are interested.

On top of surfing for great content websites, I will also suggest you to join famous forums to communicate with other learners online and set up Google Alerts to monitor what is new in the market that you are interested in. If you are a blogger like me who is interested to learn more about Internet Marketing, please download my FREE eBook about some greatest online learning resources about some great websites I found in last 12 months with my detailed reviews.

Until next time, I wish you successful on your learning.


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2 thoughts on “Do you want to be a lifelong learner?

  1. Never say it’s late to start an internet business. Today is just a great time to start.

    I felt the same feeling back to 2010. Anyway, only those take actions, experience the learning and “success” somewhere.

    I find reading and listening to audio books is great way to learn.