How audio products can help you enjoy life better

With a wife and a child, I always wish I could have 30 hours every day, but I think nobody is lucky enough to get any extra second for any of the days in life. No matter who you are, 24 hours, or 1440 minutes, or 86400 seconds are exactly what you can spend in one day. Here comes a question then. Why some of the people are more successful than the others? The secret is they manage their time better than others. With this thought in mind, I am always trying to improve effectiveness and efficiency in my life and reduce the waste of my time as much as possible.   

The pain became a hint

I am a big reader. Every day I read books at my desk, reading news on the Internet. Since I get up from the bed every morning, I barely close my eyes until I go to bed at night. As I overused my eyes in many years, I end up wearing a pair of glasses. Recently years, things are getting even worse, when I focus on something for too long, my eyes become very sore and tired, and sometimes I even can’t help tearing down.

One day, I was thinking to myself at home. If I can figure out a way to receive information other than using eyes, my life can be much better than now. Of course I have no clue how my nose or mouth can help much in this matter, but it didn’t take me too long to figure out ears can help in certain circumstances. As human beings, the most common two ways we receive information are by using eyes to watch and by using ears to listen, so why don’t utilize ears more and free eyes up when you can?

My original thought was that ears can be a good alternative to eyes on receiving information most of the time, but after I brainstormed more ideas of how to use ears more, I found lots of time, ears can even be used more effectively and efficiently than eyes.

Audio Products

Using Audio products is the best way I found to receive information by using ears so far. Podcasts, audio books and radio channels are the three medias I am using the most. I summarized some of them situations I come across on regular base and I truly believe after you think hard enough, you will figure our more ways to use ears smartly. Please share your idea here by leaving some comments.    

Driving is so boring

I am living close to the border of USA and Canada and as most of the dairy products and gas are way cheaper in USA than in Canada, I frequently drive across the border to USA to buy goods and fill up gas to my car. Of course, border crossing is not always smooth. Some of the busy days, I can easily wait in line for more than an hour. To me, that’s the part of the trip I hate the most as it wastes too much of my time. Most of us can barely read books or surf the news from the Internet while driving (I know some of you are trying to, but you really need to think about your next year’s insurance premium a little bit more), however after I figured out the way by using audio products, I enjoy the time of waiting in the border lineups.

Even for regular driving in the city, this kind of multi-tasking does not need too much effort. I can listen and drive at the same time, but I want to be clear that if you are not good at multi-tasking like this, please do not listen to audio books while driving ( as this type of media needs a little more concentration)

When kids are playing…

During summer time, as a dad, I certainly share some duty to look after my boy while he is playing in the parks. You know, these kids are so energetic, sometime you can keep running for hours. For their safety, you do not want to sit aside to read you books. (I guess you can if you children are older than 8-9 years, but for me with a 5 and half years boy, I better keep my eyes on him once a little while) Listening to podcasts or audio book is definitely an easy multi-tasking to do in this situation.    

You dreams are not ready to come…

I honestly listened to lots of audio books and podcasts before I go to sleep (in bed), usually 15-20 minutes if I am not super sleepy. While I am writing this post, I checked my record really quickly and found out I listened around 6 hours audio product before I go to sleep last month. Average is about 12 minutes per day.

My experience with Audio products

You might want me to suggest some good audio products. Here is my experience:

–       For Audio books, I use Audible, which is a company under Amazon. It has an app you can download for Apple iphone, ipad, ipods and smart phones with Android system. The app is a player itself and you can download millions of audio books to the library on your device. It’s a very handy tool. The books I usually listen to are non-fiction books. In my opinion, as long as it’s not a book you have to follow with steps very closely, you can listen to it in the format of audio book.

Audible is currently running some special offers and also a 30 day trail. Feel free to click on the links below and you can start to register an account right away. 

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–       For Podcasts, I usually listen to the ones talking about business ideas. My favorites are the ones from by Pat Flynn and by Sterling and Jay.

Your thought?

Please tell me your thoughts on the cool ideas of improving effectiveness and efficiency in life. I will appreciate your sharing!  


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