How I learned from my own failure

I am a kind of person who has great responsibilities, therefore I always intend to present in person even though it’s not necessary for me to do so sometimes. I always believe to have the task done myself or at least done by someone else in front of me is the best way to guarantee the quality. Until recently, I found it might not be the most effective way to have a work done. 

Today’s post is one of my true stories. The whole purpose is to show you how I learned from my own failure. If you have any similar experiences, please share with me in the comment below and I would like to learn from you as well.

I own a rental property which is about 60 km away from my home in a different city. I will not get into all the details about why I bought a place far away, because that is a whole different topic about real estate investment.

A month ago, I received a phone call from my tenant and she told me the water tap in the kitchen was not functioning properly and wondered if I could get it fixed or replaced. I am never a handy guy myself in my life, so I decided to hire someone locally in that city to go there to check it out, but I had no clue where to find a handyman.

Luckily I have a friend who is also a real estate investor living in the same city where my rental property is at, so I asked him for a referral and called the handyman for an appointment. The handyman was working on a task at the time, but he confirmed my requested date and time with me. He also told me his email address and asked me to email the work details to him.

I emailed him right away, but never got a response from him. “He confirmed it, so there should not be any problem.” I told myself. In order to provide a better customer service and make myself comfortable, I told my tenant I would be there for the appointment as well even though there was nothing I could do for the repair.

On the appointment day (a Sunday), I drove 60 km all the way from my home to my rental property and waited for the handyman for more than one hour. Guess what happened? He never showed up. I called him more than 10 times and left 4 messages, but nothing seemed to work and I had to apologize to my tenant like a fool.    

It was a complete failure and I was upset for a whole day. Anyway I knew work still need to be done, so when I hired the second handyman, I did my homework very carefully. I searched several handymen in that city via Google and also found a forum where I could read feedbacks about them. I called the one with the best feedbacks and followed up with him all the way to the moment he arrived my rental property. For the second appointment, I decided not to present myself as the work had really nothing to do with myself.  

The result turned out to be much better than the first time. Not only the work is done on time without my attendance, I also received a compliment phone call from my tenant about the great service he received the handyman.

One week after, I received the bill from the handyman via mail and I sent him a cheque for the payment. Done deal! Did my present guarantee any success? Apparently not.

Wow, what a great lesson is it! After I summarized what I missed for the first time and what I did better for the second time, I think it’s a great opportunity to share my learning experience with you. What do you think?

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