I show you what I learned, you tell me what you think

Everyday I come across information from books, software, smart phone apps, websites etc.and I try them out and keep the good ones to help myself to live a better life by improving the effectiveness and efficiency. One day, I realize that if I share all my learning experience with people around me, that can possibly benefit them as well, so I started summarizing the information plus the actions I was taking to apply what I learned to my personal life and family life. At the same time, I share my experience with my friends and coworkers. Without any doubt, I received good feedbacks from people around me, so I decide to create this blog to publish my learning experiences to everyone on the Internet. This way, I believe my sharing can benefit more people and change the world. If the world becomes a better place to live, my tiny little contribution counts.

Please let me know how you like the information and experience I am sharing and you are welcome to share your learning experiences as well. 

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