My learning experience to make readings more enjoyable

Since year 2010, I barely bought any hard-copy books from local book stores. It’s not because I stopped reading or learning – I found an alternative better solution – reading E-books.  When E-books first entered my life, I was so attracted by the convenience they bring to me. At the same time, E-books also solved quite a few troubles that I always have when reading hard-copy books. While enjoying the benefits that E-books create to me, I feel it’s always better to share my experiences to the community. In today’s post, I am going to talk about some advantages I experienced from E-books over hard-copy books and I hope you could find some useful tips to enjoy future readings a little bit more from reading about my learning experience.


To carry the paper-copy book is always an inconvenience to me. I do not usually go out with a big bag, so to carry books especially big ones always bugs me and every time I go on a trip and I know I have some chance to read books, I have to spend some time to debate with myself if I should carry books and which books I should carry with – too much trouble!  Many of you might stick to one book at a time until you finish it, but I always start a second book before I finish the first books. I guess it’s the same idea like working out in a gym, I always switch between two different machines – because my muscles need a rest. In this case, my brain needs a break, so I always have intension to switch to a different book once a while in order keep my reading going a little longer before I get too bored.

E-books solved the problem easily as I can always load more than one book into the same device. With the easy bookmark function that most of E-book has, switching between books can be down seamlessly. And I never need to choose which book to carry – I have them all in my device no matter where I go.

Go Green!

If you mind the environment, this benefit could be big. I am not going to get into detail calculation about how many trees it does take to make a book. Simply put, “hard-copy books kill trees”. I am not trying to make you feel guilty, but as most of us only read books once, it is a kind of wasting trees to make hard-copy books, so why not go green to read E-books? We do not even need to worry about recycle! This does matter a little more when books are republished. We all know no books are perfect, so to correct errors and update information, lots of times books need to be republished, some of the books can even get republished for more than 3 times. Think about how many trees will be killed because of that. Now you see how significant this benefit is.    

If Price matters

Maybe you never really notice the difference, but based on my experience, E-books are a little cheaper than hard-copy books, usually between 10%-20%. For an average book with price $20-$30, this does not really matter much, but if you are a big reader and when the small amount adds up, it counts. I did a little bit calculation last year, in total I saved more than $80 because of reading E-books, which means I can two or three free books – isn’t that nice?  

On the flip side

Of course there are reasons people like hard-copy books. The major ones include the following:

–       The new book smell

–       The satisfaction

–       Easy to borrow from library

–       Easy to exchange with friends

To me, these do not matter for the most part, but I am open to hear different opinions. If you have ideas and comments, by all means, please reply to my post. We can definitely have a discussion all together.




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