Monthly Income Reports

Report Time Period eBay AmazonAdSenseCPAOther affiliatesTotal
Jun 2014 $130.71$41.30$74.64$0$0$246.65
May 2014

Why do I write these reports?

There are mainly two reasons to show these numbers to the public:

1. Keep a record to inspire myself:

I am a type of person who needs constant motivation to keep myself going towards success, so I need to keep the record to show evidence to myself that all my hard work are meaningful.

I often lose track of my expenses, especially because I’d like to learn and try new things once a while. If I do not have an clear idea where my money was spent, by the end of the day, I will be shocked about how much it costs me to test the water.

2. Show my readers that making money online is POSSIBLE.

Even though it’s the 21st century already, there is still a significant portion of the whole population in the world believes that working online full time to make a living is impossible. I am not an expert of building websites, but I want to show you as much details as possible to provide a brand new way to enjoy life if you decide to be on board. 

What do I report every month?

1. Monthly Status Update of niche websites that I am building: With details about income breakdowns of each website including traffic, click through rate and lots of details (with lots of statistics)

2. Other Incomes that are not directly related to my niche websites: mainly from the tools I am suggesting to readers

3. Monthly Expenses: The breakdown of my expenses with one time expenses and ongoing expenses

4. Overall Summary of the month with goal settings and performance


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