My experience of keeping motivation alive

The biggest obstacle to prevent people from success is the loss of motivations. I had difficulty to keep my motivations alive for many years. Last year, after so many struggles and failures, I decided to find out an efficient way to deal with this biggest problem ever to help myself out. In order to do so, I read many inspiring books, talked to several successful people in the communities I belong to and also went through a few paid training programs. After 6 months, I restored my confidence and started a new plan. Over past 4 months up to now, I have been doing great. For my achievements, please refer to the summary of my track record. Now I do not want to keep this secret to myself, so I am going to share what I learned in this post and hope you enjoy the life adventure with me. More importantly, I hope my experience can help you succeed in your life.   

Start with passion

I heard lots of people complaining about their lives as they were not given an opportunity to succeed, however in my opinion, opportunities are not given by anybody else. In fact it’s your call and your choice to decide what you want in your life. Lots of times, you need to step out from your comfort zones to chase your dream. We often call this progress an adventure, so it’s not always going to be without challenge.

Therefore in order to make your life a little bit easier, you want to start with something you can stick to easily. How you are going to choose what to work on becomes the most important starting point before you even consider putting in all your hard works. A simple way to pick your niche is along with your passion. No matter who you are and where you live, there must be something that you are more interested in than anything else in your life, which means you have a true passion on something. This thing is then the easiest thing that you can work on and have no trouble to talk about all the time.   

Understand why

Now it’s time to look at why you want to work on your passion. If this is for self-improvement, the passion is already sufficient. If it’s for other people, either it’s for your family and friends, or the people you want to help with, you want to put yourself into their shoes – why do they need it? Do they have the same passion as you do or do they solve their problem by listening to you? Understand why will make a clear goal in your mind and minimize your confusion along your adventure.

Set up a reasonable goal and work with a detailed plan

You might often find yourself disappointed when goals are not met, so you give up before you reach the final designation. And this is what happened to me all the time before. To make a reasonable goal will help overall situation and to make a detailed plan will make the progress smooth.

Things that are measurable can be completed more easily because we can quantify the goal and break the main goal into smaller parts. With a detailed plan, we assign certain time frame to each small goal and keep track of the progress. By achieving the smaller goals along the way, we can adjust our work accordingly in order to improve the efficiency.

In more details regarding a goal and a plan, you can read my previous post, How to See Results Sooner – Make an Effective Plan to improve efficiency.

Check consistency on regular base

Lack of consistency is the main reason of missing your target. True passion definitely helps keep consistency. As long as it’s something you enjoy doing, you will less likely feel lazy or bored about it even you have been repeating the same thing over and over again.

Check consistency on regular base will help the work more seamlessly. By doing so, you will stay on top of your schedule and use your time and energy more smartly.  

Celebrate the mini success and reword yourself

Who does not have a down time? Even though I work from home and make my own school, after working hard for 4 days, I still feel tired on Friday. I usually schedule myself 2-3 hour time off to rest up after working hard for a while and treat myself a nice dinner when achieving my small goal every 1-2 weeks. I also talk to my peers proudly by celebrating the mini success. These actions not only help me with boosting up my energy, they also let me come back to work with happiness and stay focused with a fresh mind.

These are my thoughts, how are you? Please leave your comments.

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