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I briefly touched the learning resources I have been using personally from the Internet in one of my previous blog posts. After giving another thought, I am fascinated to talk about the resources in more details by summarizing the benefits I received from them on regular base. If you have not got a chance to read my previous blog post, here is a list of the resources again.

As I mentioned earlier in my article about using digital products to help improve learning efficiently, there are mainly two ways we usually use to absorb information – by using eyes to read or watch, and by using ears to listen. In order to keep good size for my blog posts and make your reading experience better, I plan to write about my learning resources in a series of blog posts. To be honest, I can’t estimate how many posts I am going to have in this series, but for now at least there will be 4 or 5 (I really have that many great things to recommend to you). If you are interested and want to be notified for more updates, please subscribe my email list and before I add more content to this series, stay tuned!


Before I dive into my experience of online readings, I have to confess that another main resource of my daily learning is from book reading. I am always a big reader on books, hard copy, eBooks or Audio books, I love them, but as I already established a main category on my blog about books, in this article I will not talk about them.

Alright, let’s get started…


Smart Passive Income (SPI) Blog

SPI is by far the best learning resource I found online and enjoy reading the most. It’s is a blog owned by Mr. Pat Flynn and it was started in Oct 2008. I first found it through a Google search. I could not remember which keyword I was searching for exactly – something related to income and I fall in love with this blog very quickly. Since I first found it in Aug 2012, I have consumed significant amount of content by reading over 100 blog posts from it.

It starts with a story

As Pat stated in one of his blog posts, he is not “a faceless company”, the picture of him and his son makes his blog stand out from the crowd and leave me with a deep impression after the first visit. And the great experience did not stop there. If it’s not because of his true stories, I am 100% certain that I will not love SPI as much as I do right now. Pat is a good story teller. If you are interested to know more about him, you can find his story here. Most of his readers thought he was lucky because his first product was very successful, and it builds up a very strong foundation to keep him growing, but I take his experience from a different view. I think if it’s not because he got laid off from his dream job in year 2008, he could not establish his business as much as he does today – he is 100% focus on what he is working on. I still might not have learned so much from a personal blog until now and take action to change my life. Therefore big thumbs to the company who fired Pat Flynn…just kidding.

It gives me the power to change my life

No kidding, Pat set a great example for me to take control of life. His achievement is actually one of the major reasons I quit my job 8 months ago. I am not going to sugar coat Pat’s influence, but if I ever change my life to be a better one (I know it’s going to be good indeed), there are 3 people I appreciate the most.

  1. Dr. Wynne Dryer: Dr. Dryer’s books completely changed my mindset so that I was willing to take the actions to change my life. I read 6 books written by him and still continue reading more in the future for sure.
  2. Pat Flynn: If I only understand “why” but without knowing “how”, I will still end up with nowhere. Pat and his SPI blog are showing me how to take actions step by step. I have learned so much from his success and failure.
  3. My wife, Cindy: This big life project is of course a teamwork, my own efforts alone cannot make it happen especially when I have a family to support. Cindy makes me understand what life partner means in real life.

I know it’s a little off the topic, but all I want to say is without SPI, I will not be here today.

The information cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet

You might think this is hard to believe, but I could not tell you enough how lucky I feel by finding SPI on the Internet. It’s hard to find such an honest person in real life, but I did find Pat Flynn by surfing the Internet with a completely random chance – to me this is amazing!

To make the Internet a better place – this is Pat’s belief and it’s very similar to my own belief – to make the world a better place to live. Pat is not only showing all the details of how he achieved certain mile stone in his life, the information on SPI are all real – there is absolutely no BS! While you are reading this, let me ask you a question, do you actually know anyone who share exactly how much he/she is earning every month? Pat is doing this, don’t believe me, check out his monthly income reports. To me, this is very unique and very trustful.

What do I like the most

Pat is showing his learning process by writing a several series of blog posts. Those have been my favorite part of reading SPI. To name a few, the ones I have read and followed very closely are:

How to build a Niche Site

How to publish an eBook Series (this series has been re-organized and turned into a free eBook. If you are interested to read the book, please subscribe SPI’s email list)

If you are thinking or just started your online business, these are very good strategies to learn.

There is more…

Of course, the content of SPI blog is not the only valuable information it has, the other great series of learning materials are podcast and YouTube videos, but it will take me another blog post to give more details.

If you have any comments and suggestions, please leave me a comment. Until next time, I wish you happy and healthy.

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All the best,


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