My review of online learning resources 5 – Warrior Forum and IBM Academy Facebook group

This is going to be the last blog post of the series of “My review of online learning resources” by now, but if I find any other valuable resources in the future, by all means, I will add more into this series, until that happens, please stay tuned.

In the previous blog posts, I mainly focus on showing you where to find and how to learn necessary knowledge for Internet business by yourself. However I want you to realize that self-study has its limitation and it’s often not the most efficient way of learning.

Step onto giant’s shoulder, so you can see further

The reason that Internet is so popular and becomes a revolution to the way we live on this planet is because of the beauty of sharing. I know this is not the first time I mention this on my blog and certainly it’s not going to be the last time either. It’s the Internet that makes the sharing easier and faster, so as learners, we should absolutely take this advantage.

Instead of living under the rock and enjoy our own “success”, we should come out and join great communities and interact with people who are like-minded. Not only this will keep our motivation stronger, by learning from successful people’s experiences, you also have a chance to step onto giant’s shoulder in order to see further.

My Experiences

Before I lead you to the great online communities, I want to share some of my experiences here.

My family likes to dine out or go on a trip once a while, so in order to make the dining and traveling experience better, I always attempt to do some research before we take off. Before I utilize the Internet as the great resource, I often tend to call friends to ask around as I am a big believer on quality referrals. However because of the limited information, we do not always end up with something we expected. Therefore, I started to use the Internet more often and study the feedback to certain restaurant and hotel from online communities sharing opinions on them. Most of time, the place with lots of 4 or 5 star feedback would not disappoint us too much.

Another good example I can think of is those “how to” videos. With the great platform called YouTube, information becomes very handy, and the best part ever, procedures are very easy to follow. On top of that, the comments on YouTube give you a better idea of the quality of a video clip and you can decide if it’s worth your time to follow through it.

Warrior Forum     

Warrior Forum is the No.1 Internet Marketing and Self Improvement forum since year 1997. Here are some quick stats I grabbed off the site on Apr 3, 2013

  • Members: 596,025  
  • Threads: 473,724
  • Posts: 6,353,914

And this site is very quickly growing. Luckily I found the following stats from Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income on Dec 23, 2009, so you can say how significant the growth is.

  • Members: 166,167
  • Threads: 112,250
  • Posts: 1,228,715

And there were 28039 visitors (4586 members and 23453 guests) at the time I got the stats (versus 2,330 people actively on the forum at that very moment from the information provided by Pat Flynn on Dec 23, 2009)

The more important part is that the information provided on the forum is good for beginners and experts. If you happen to visit the forum, make sure you found me under user name createvalueshare. I would love to read you article if you decide to post one onto the forum.

Internet Business Mastery Academy Mastermind group

This is a private group needs a permission to join. If you are a member of Internet Business Mastery Academy (IBMA), you will be granted with the permission automatically after you request the access. To read more about IBMA, please refer to the 3rd post of the online learning resources. If you are interested to join IBMA, please click at the affiliate link below.

This group was transferred to Facebook group from a forum not too long ago. If you have never had any experience with a forum, this gives an easier option to communicate with others via Facebook. As the growth of social media, I believe it is a better platform to reach out more audience and help more people.

The members in this group are very serious about Internet business and they are very helpful to provide information. If you post a question, usually within one day, you will see several answers from different experts. Sometimes you can even learn more than what you asked, because the group members often go the extra mile to offer as much as information to you to make the best decision.

Except for the question-answer type of posts, you will often find others share their stories and milestones. Those are extremely inspiring. While I was writing, I went to the Facebook group and quick checked out the recent updates. I saw another member just declared his last day with his 9-5 job – way to go.

The only thing I want to warn you is, be careful about what are reading there. After you read too many inspiring stories, you might become unemployable very soon, which means to become your own boss is your only solution – this is exactly what happened to me.

Which forum/online community do you usually go to?

Before you finish your reading, please share with me which forum, Facebook group or any form of online community you belong to. I would love to check out your great resources!

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