My Second 5 weeks Summary

I have to say, time flies. I can’t believe that it has been more than 10 weeks since I first started working on my journey. It’s this time again, so now I am going to review key achievements and obstacles I had experienced along the way and hope my sharing can inspire you in some sort. If you have inspiring stories and you are willing to share, please leave your comments below.

For new readers, I have my weekly records of how my habits are going every week, which I use to check on my performance on my habits closely, because I believe it’s the best way to improve my learning experiences and keep my motivation alive.   

This article is about the summary of my last 5 weeks’ efforts. As I started the journey from Jan 14, 2013, this is the second 5 week summary from Feb 18, 2013 to Mar 24, 2013. You might wonder why I use 5-week as a unit instead of doing a monthly summary. It’s because my regular update is weekly, so in order to keep the measurement a little easier, I decide to summarize every 5 weeks. Hopefully it’s not too confusing for you.  

Start from this summary, I will use a new way to help show a clearer pattern and it will be easier to compare the results among different summaries in the future.

First I would like to briefly talk about how this new measurement works. Instead of telling how many times I have done a certain habit during last 5 weeks, I will use percentage, which is simple and easy to understand. If you have ever been to school, you must have known what I am talking about.

Alright, now let’s get into the details:

– Brush and Floss teeth 2 times every day:

70/70 = 100%

About a week ago, I went to my dentist with my son for a regular checkup. I told to him how hard I have been trying to keep up my hard work on protecting my teeth and the teeth for my son. Apparently our hard work has been paid off. The overall situation of my teeth has been improved. I remember not too long ago 8 out of 10 times when I was brushing my teeth, I will see blood on my tooth brush, but now the experience has been improve so much and I don’t see any blood at all.

Abs Exercise – sit-ups:

33/35 = 94%

I have not done it perfectly like for the first 5 week summary, but overall it has been kept up very well. Reduce belly fat is my dream and I will never give up to pursue it.

Drinking Water – 15 cups everyday:

34/35 = 97%

Drink more water is not only a very efficient way to keep my diet, it also takes virus out from my body. Comparing to all the benefits it brings to me, to go to washroom for a couple of times more every day is really not a big deal.

Wake up Early in the morning – 5am:

28/35 = 80%

I am still having hard time to keep up this habit, but it’s not because I am lazy. It actually has to do with planning. On regular days, I am usually doing fine, but when something happens during the night and I have to go to bed later than usual, it affects the result. The outcome makes me think and becomes the main reason I added another very important habit – make a daily plan.

Doing exercise – running 22 floors, 300 stairs every day

33/35 = 94%

This has become one of my major exercises by giving that I usually spend more than 10 hours in front of a computer every day. I enjoy the feeling of getting sweaty after running the stairs.

Write 4 blog posts every week:

11/20 = 55%

I have to confess, this is not going well at all, but as an entrepreneur who work from home, this is the most important part to build up my online business and keep living my dream. I am doing all my best to improve it and I believe I will see much better result in next 5 weeks.

Make a daily plan:

5/7 = 71%

This habit is still quite new, but as I have experiment it for a while, it has been maintaining to an accepted level. I wish I can get a perfect record for the coming 5 week period.

As my journey is going along, I have enjoyed the power of habits. I will say most of my habits have been put onto an auto pilot and I do not have to put much effort as before to keep them alive. Once the strong foundation is built up, I know the success would not be too far from today.

I will be reporting my new achievement in my next 5 weeks summary – see you in 5 weeks!


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