Record of My Habits – Update by 13:30 pm on Mar 25, 2013

My 10th weekly update on the performance of my habits.

Wow, I can’t believe that this has been the 10th week. Time really flies. For those of you who have no idea what is going on here, I post the track record of my habits weekly and summarize the achievements and major obstacles occurred during the week and also give brief explanation when adding new habits and/or revising old habits. If you have any questions or want me to add more details, please let me know. Your comments are most welcome!  

Summary for this week:


  • I haven’t done really well, so let’s dive into “Obstacles” to look at more details on how to improve everything.


  • This week I have missed a lot of days for my habits, they include

    • 2 days from daily abs exercise
    • 3 days from “waking up at 5am”
    • 3 scheduled blog posts
    • 2 days from daily plan
  • What happened? Have I lost my momentum of keep things going? Absolutely not. One of my friends came to Canada from China with a very short notice and he stayed at my place for 4 days. He comes here to study and it took him 4 days to find a place to rent and get things settle down. By also giving that my son is on his March break and I was the only one looking after him, my life was definitely impacted by this fact. I tried my best, but because I spent lots of time to drive my friend around to look for a rental place and answer whole bunch of questions he had, I could not keep everything inline as usual.
  • However I learned a big lesson from this week and I think it will help me further in the future. In the last 9 weeks, I was able to automate my habits when I was on regular schedule and really seeing my habits growing steadily, but when any change and external impacts come into my life, I was not able to handle things efficiently enough.
  • All of the experiences lead to a better planning. I have the ability to plan for each day, but had hard time to look from overview picture to plan for a week, a month or some longer time period. I am aiming to take the situation as a opportunity to become a better planner.

New Habit:

  • As planned, I add “daily plan” as my 7th habits to work on starting from a week ago. I was able to manage 5 of 7 days last week. Good job! Here comes the details of the past week:

Habit 1:

BF 25-MAR-2013

Habit 2:

AE 25-MAR-2013

Habit 3:

DW 25-MAR-2013

Habit 4:

WU 25-MAR-2013

Habit 5:

RS 25-MAR-2013

Habit 6:

WB 25-MAR-2013

Habit 7:

PD 25-MAR-2013

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