Update on my weight loss challenge – to the next level

This is going to be the last post I am writing on this blog about my “to lose 46lbs in 365 days challenge” as after 23 days into this challenge, I decide to give…just kidding. Alright it’s because I want to bring this challenge to a whole brand new level.

Recently Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income announced that Niche Site Duel (NSD) 2.0 will be launched soon and I decide to participate this time as I enjoy reading the updates from NSD1.0 from year 2010 and I regret that I missed last round. I have just done my keyword research and bought my new domain, www.weightlosschallengehelp.com. Now you probably can guess what is going to happen.

Yes, I will use the new domain to compete in NSD 2.0 and the contents of the new site will be regarding my weight loss challenge, so I will move anything related to that topic to my new site and if you are interested, please go there to check it out.

If you came here from Warrior Forum or from my Facebook Page, I will keep my daily posting schedule and weekly posting schedule on those two platforms in order to connect with more likely minded people.



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