Use Challenge to enrich learning experiences

“How to enrich my learning experiences” is a question I constantly ask myself. I am using this blog to show and explain to you what I learned and how the learning experiences benefit me, so you can pick up from my learning curve to make a customized version for yourself. If I can add more interesting topics to my contents, automatically you will be benefit more from my blog.

As you might or might not know, I spend lots of time learning online from different resources. Not too long ago, I found an interesting fact. Whether there are comments on a blog or replies to a tread on a forum, the competition or challenge type of contents always attract more attentions from the audience than other contents.

Why do I take challenges?

Therefore I decide to take some challenges and keep a detailed track record. Furthermore, I want to bring it to a whole new level by presenting my track record along the way to the public and encouraging more people to join me, so I will not only keep a good reference to motivate myself in the future, I can also utilize my actions to inspire more people from my audience to make changes in their lives.

I have made some moderate success by posting records of my habit building on this blog weekly. If you have had any chance to look at any of them, you can find my weekly update here. From the traffic to my site, I know I have not been able to reach too many audiences, so this time I decide to do it differently.

About 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge

About 2 weeks ago, I saw a challenge called “31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge” at Problogger by Darren Rowse. For those of you when do not know who Darren Rowse is, simple put, he is the “Michael Jordon” among bloggers in the world of blogging. To learn more about him, please find the details here.

This time, in order to reach more audience, I used Facebook as the platform just because it’s the most popular social media site where most of the online people hang out at.

Once signing into a special email list, every day I will automatically receive an email about the task for that particular day and I need to complete all the tasks in order to bring my blog to a higher quality level. Sounds fun, so I took the challenge and my goal is to reach 100 unique visitors per day after I implement all the tactics.

After I complete what is required for the day, I post my work onto my Facebook page. My original plan was to post every day for 31 days straight, but it did not take me too long to realize that some of the tasks are very comprehensive and can’t be done in one day, so I modified my game plan and made my update schedule every 3 days, so 1 day task = 3 day work. As I started this challenge from April 2nd, 2013, it will literally take me till the end of June to complete the whole challenge. 

The work flow looks like this. First of all, I read about the main task. Very often, there are some readings required to understand the main point better, so I spend one day to read all the related materials. Then it leaves me 2 days to get the actual work done. The work usually includes writing and networking.

First 5 Day Summary

Up to now I am 5 days into the challenge and learned quite a lot by going through the first 5 tasks in details. In the rest of this article, I want to summarize what I did for the first 5 days of this challenge. If you are interested to join me, please sign up at

The challenge starts with an “elevator pitch”, which clarifies the purpose of your business. From the name, it’s not hard to see that you need a version of your mission statement to briefly talk about your business to anyone interested in less than 1 minute.

Here comes my elevator pitch:

My blog is saving lives! It offers solutions to people who feel overwhelmed with too much information available and have hard time to filter through them these days.  On my blog, I am sharing my learning experiences by summarizing tools such as websites, software, ideas to improve efficiency in life to save them time and energy so that people will not miss opportunities to enjoy life with family and friends.”

On the second day I learned how to write a “list post”. You can find the simplified version and more comprehensive version on my blog.

On day three, I learned how to promote a post. From the 11 methods introduced, I picked the following 3 as my favorites and currently working on implement them into my overall strategies.

  • Pitching Other Bloggers
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Marketing (W)

Day four is all about answering questions by studying a blog. I picked my favorite blog, Smart Passive Income (SPI) and answered a questionnaire. After providing detailed answers, I now have a better understanding why SPI blog is so popular and how I can make changes to my blog accordingly.

The 5th day task is really fun, but without a list of followers built up to my blog, sadly I did not have a chance to complete it. Instead I did the mini task by leaving a detailed comment on SPI blog.

Every 5 days, I will post a summary update on my blog about what I learned from this challenge and I hope you can learn something from my journey as well.

Again any comments and suggestions are welcome. Until next time, I hope you all the best.



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