Why is making connections so important?

This is the 2nd 5 day update (Day 6 to Day 10) of “31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge” that I am taking now. If you are new here and have no idea about what is going on, please refer to my intention of taking this challenge.

From Day 6 to Day 10, the most important thing to build a successful blog is to make connections. Learning from experts, communicating with peers and link contents within your own blog are all great examples of making connections. Why is making connection so important? Now let’s go through some details of what I have completed from Day 6 to Day 10 of the challenge to answer this question.

Day 6

The task of Day 6 is mainly about readings. There are total 27 links suggested by Darren from Problogger. They are all great articles with invaluable information to improve quality of a blog. As a beginner, I found learning from the experts is the best way to learn because someone has already done something successfully and they are sharing the proven way by proving details, if you follow the path through, not only you will have a better chance to succeed, but your whole learning process will be more effectively.

I spent literally over 2 hours to read through most of the articles and summarize what I learned from the great ones that resonate with me the most. On my Facebook Page, I record the details in several posts, so I am not going to repeat them here.

Day 7 and Day 8

On Day 7, I learned how to write “link post” and on Day 8, I learned how to utilize interlinking posts. These types of articles create connections between posts on my own blogs, and also bridges between my blog and other blogs. By doing so, the contents provide more information to the readers and it’s easier for them to look at opinions from different angles on the same topic, so it can improve the overall reading experience.

Day 9

The most effective way to attract more audience is to network with other likely-minded people on other famous platforms. Currently I am very active on SPI blog, ProBlogger and My 4 Hour Work Week blog and Warrior Forum. The key idea is not to just pop up and say “hi” to everybody, and ask them to come to my blog. Instead, I provide valid comments and suggestions to these great communities and keep doing this on regular base. Once I become a great resource of proving great information, people will eventually come to me. I am fairly new to this strategy, but I decide to continue doing it as I love to communicate with others.

Day 10

The task of Day 10 is about keeping updated with the market pulse. As bloggers, we absolutely do not want to live under the rock. We need to update us with news and new technology on the market, so to set up the alerts on Google to monitor the market becomes a vital part of our business.        


Alright as this is a regular update, I would like to keep it short, so please leave comments and suggestions below as usual and grab my email list to receive additional information.

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