You ever wonder life could be easier, I have a solution here

At some moment of time, you must have wondered if your life could be a little bit easier. There are so many stuffs going in your daily life and you are always busy. Unless you choose to live under a rock, with work, study, family and friends, sometimes you really want to escape from all of these happening in your life. Well there is no all-in-one solution, but at least there is a tool that I want to share today can help make life a little bit easier.



The tool is called Evernote. I came across this tool by listening to one of my favorite podcasts from Internet Business Mastery hosted by Sterling and Jay. An interviewee in one of the podcasts mentioned this tool briefly. For the sake of its easy-to-remember name, I looked into it as soon as I sit in front of my computer after listening to that podcast.

Evernote is not only available on personal computer as a software, but it can also be downloaded and installed onto Smart Phones (Such as Apple iPhone and smart phones with Google Android system) and Tablets (such as Apple iPad and other tablet running Google Android system) as an App. Once signed in with the same account, all the information can be synchronized to every device, so there is really no more trouble to move data around. If it’s not as easy as a pie, it’s very handy like web emails.     



Now I want to talk about some features I am using Evernote to help me improve daily effectiveness and efficiency – which frees up some of my time and ultimately makes my life a little easier. I do not expect you agree with me on everything, but at least I want to provide some ideas that you can possibly benefit from this great tool.

Easy to use

The way that Evernote organizes its files is by creating notebooks and notes. Notebooks are similar to folders, which can hold a good amount of notes in every one of it. It helps to group similar files together. Notes are similar to individual files, which you can edit easily except that there is no save button because it automatically saves any change as soon as it’s made, so there is absolutely no waiting time and no hassle.

The main screen of Evernote looks very similar to Microsoft Outlook. By clicking on the notebooks in the left hand side screen, all the notes in that notebook will be showing in the middle screen and by clicking on a single note, the contents in that note will show up in the big screen on that right hand side. If you have any experience with Microsoft Outlook or even web email such as Hotmail and yahoo mail, I guarantee you there will not be any trouble of using Evernote at all.

Handy buttons

Even though the editing functions in Evernote is not as fancy as the ones in Microsoft Word, in my view, all the basic functions are included and there are also two buttons I found very handy.

Crossing line: One of the buttons I like the most is a horizontal line that I can add to cross over the highlighted characters. This is useful when marking down a completed task.

Check box: This button can add a clickable check box into the content of a note. By clicking on it, the box can be checked or unchecked. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you can find how I utilize that here.

Instant Access

As I mentioned before, Evernote is quick and easy to be used, the size of it is tiny comparing all the major word processors such as Microsoft Word. Just to give you some basic ideas. With over 60 notes in my note books, the size of the software on personal computer is only about 120 MB and the App on my smart phone is only around 12 MB. Because of its size, Evernote can be loaded up very quickly and when accessing a note (an individual file), it only takes you a couple of clicks and you can see the contents of a note in no time. When you switch among different notes, it’s even quicker than switching among emails in Microsoft Outlook. Thinking about dropping down some quick ideas? This tool is perfect without any delay.   


Another bonus tool

Other than the Evernote software, the company also has other handy tools. There is another one I used together with Evernote for webpage viewing called Webclipper. Once installed to a web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, by clicking on the Webclipper icon, the web page you are reading at will be saved into Evernote as a note for later use. The one major difference between this feature to the “bookmark” function in the web browsers is the web page that is book marked can only be saved on one of your device once at a time, but the synchronization function from Evernote can memorize this particular page onto any of your device as long as you install Evernote on it.     



Guess why Internet is so powerful? It shares information quickly. Same idea, Evernote makes the sharing easy and at the same time it can protect your own privacy. For each note book or note you created, there are two ways to share:

–       To invite an individual to view or edit the shared note book;

–       Or to create a public link of the notes books on Evernote’s website.

I am currently working with my business partner on a project, in this case I invite him as an individual, all I need is his email for his Evernote account. Files in the shared notebook can be easily accessed and edited by each of us. And you all know that I am a blogger, so I can also share information from my Evernote easily. Please click here to find all my pending readings – lots of great information I found during my study.


To readers

If you have any experience with Evernote or any other management software you came across, please leave me a comment. Your sharing is greatly appreciated. 

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